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New Group Walks

Test group walk Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean ut consectetur arcu. Morbi in neque eu ex mattis scelerisque. Praesent urna turpis, sagittis maximus pulvinar vitae, imperdiet posuere mauris. Sed eleifend ligula non massa ornare venenatis. In ornare, turpis sit amet pharetra scelerisque, ipsum nibh vulputate leo, sit amet blandit augue purus et ligula. Donec vestibul ...[Read More]

June Solstice

Each solstice marks a turning, a culmination. As the sun reaches its northernmost point of the year, June solstice also reflects the sun’s path as a subtle shift south. A beginning and an end. In the northern hemisphere, we can celebrate light and warm days that open to the richness of earth’s plenty and the freedom to spend time outside. The sun’s earliest ray’s coax and beckon to come on outside ...[Read More]

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