Common Questions

What is a walking partner?

A walking partner is a companion, a buddy, a friend, who makes walking a fun and easy way to get some exercise. A walking partner is someone you can talk to and share the joy of being outside. A walking partner inspires you to get up, put on your shoes and step into the outdoors even when you don’t feel like going. A walking partner is someone who lives in your town or nearby and helps expand your connection to community. A walking partner is someone who lives in a town you visit for work or vacation and helps you get to know the area you are visiting.

Why do I need a walking partner?

Well, the short answer is, you don’t. The real question is, “Why do you want to have a walking partner?” For as many different reasons as there are women who want to walk. Walking is relaxing, stress relieving and great to do with a friend. It may be that you just moved to a new town and want to feel more at home. Maybe your walking partner’s schedule has changed. Perhaps it’s that you want to walk places that you don’t feel safe going alone. You want to lose weight and want to walk with someone else who wants to lose weight. Or you are visiting somewhere and don’t know the area and want someone to show you around. Maybe it’s simply that you want company.  What’s your reason for having a walking partner? Write us and let us know.

Meeting a member for the first time – When and Where is the best place to meet?

Safety is your first priority. Always use your best judgement. Take your time communicating online first (one important reason to have a profile photo). After getting a sense of who you are communicating with through the sites public and private messaging online, we advise when meeting for the first time with someone you don’t know, that you meet in a public place. It’s great fun to walk around your neighborhood or downtown streets. Stop for a coffee or snack, talk to other pedestrians. really experience the life of the community where you are walking. It can lead to wonderful conversations and ideas for your next walks.

Why is there a subscription for membership?

We are a growing and diverse membership with almost 1,000 members. You get access to any and every member coast to coast. You get the flexibility to walk when you want to walk. You get to walk where you want to walk. You get to choose to walk with members that walk at your speed (see membership options). You can choose any member(s) to talk with by either a public message (a plus since any other member can join in on the conversation) or by private message. Traveling? Walk with a member that lives in the place you are visiting. Create local community where ever you go. Have one or two or ten walking partners. Become a member Affiliate and earn a commission when you Invite Friends and have more women to walk with.

It’s a pain to fill out a profile. Is it really necessary?

We truly understand the hassle of filling out a profile, but yes, it is necessary. That said, we have “streamlined” the process as much as we can to make it as efficient (and brief!) as we can. Your profile is important because: As members, we choose our own walking partners. It’s only natural that we want to know something about the person we will be meeting. I want to know. You want to know. Even if it’s just to know how fast someone walks. We walk at a variety of speeds, times of day, places. Photos are important, too. Please put a photo of yourself to help make the Search experience easier for everyone.

What do I do if I don’t find any members near me?

This is a possibility. Hang in there. We’re growing everyday. Become an Affiliate and invite women you know to join, too. Earn a commission each time someone you’ve referred joins with the added bonus of having more women to connect and walk with.
Traveling for vacation or business? Connect with members where you travel and go out for a walk. Learn about the place you visit by expanding your network community of women while walking. Tell your friends about us.

I travel frequently and miss going out for my walks when I’m in an unfamiliar place. If I go to a different state, can I walk with members there, too?

Yes! This is a very important perk of membership. Women can network, build friendships and walk together everywhere. It’s so liberating to be able to get out for a walk in an unfamiliar place just by meeting up with another WomenWalking member. Travel to another state and find a walking partner. Simply login and search for members by zip code, town or state and send a message or post in our forum.

I’m in a wheelchair. How can I become a member?

Easy…We’d love for you to join us! WomenWalking is a diverse community and welcomes all women to join us who have an interest in getting outside for fresh air, exercise and conversation. We all move at different paces and can choose walking partners according to our walking preferences and capabilities. WomenWalking is all about community, laughter, networking and “walking.”

I love your website and want to join, but where can I add more detailed info about myself so other members know more about me?

Great question! Telling each other more about ourselves, walking preferences and capabilities, personal experiences, helps others to have a sense of who we are before going out for a walk. More information on our profile will help to determine right fit for a walking partner which is why there are places in the profile section to add more about who we are as people. Important Reminder: Please be sure to add your profile picture. It’s great to see who you are talking to.

Why do you need to know my age?

Due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we are required to verify that all WomenWalking users are at least 13 years of age, however, WomenWalking requires that all users be at least 18 years of age (age of majority) in order to become a member of our community.

Sharing my personal information for “all the world to see,” is a concern for me. Will other members see everything in my profile?

We do understand and appreciate the importance of your privacy and we make it our highest priority. All members have the option to protect parts or all of their profile (hiding all of your profile is not recommended because members will not be able to see anything about you) from being public to other members. Communications can be done through the site messaging and posts. We do suggest and encourage you to keep your personal information, such as telephone number and personal email, private when communicating online with other members.

How do I know it’s safe to use my credit card to make payment?

We use PayPal for all our secure payment transactions. PayPal is used by individuals and businesses around the world. Our site has no access to members’ credit card information. For more information about PayPal, please visit

I already walk with someone, but lately our schedules never seem to coincide. How can joining WomenWalking help me?

WomenWalking helps by adding to your circle of walking companions. You can conveniently contact as many members as you like to meet for a walk when it fits your time frame. This flexibility benefits you because you will have a network of members and schedules to choose from to fit into the timing that works best for you.

What if I find a walking partner and don’t need WomenWalking anymore?

Fantastic! Your success is the proof we love to hear that WomenWalking works and one very good reason to continue your membership. Having several walking partners gives you flexibility to broaden your network of walking friends and times. Just think of when you visit a town or city where you don’t know anyone, WomenWalking is there for you to find someone to walk with. You know the process works. Please review our Terms of Use for more info.


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