In Honor and Memory of Kevin J Regan
Our Biggest Supporter
A Prince Among Men
1951 – 2014

In the midst of a WomenWalking member group walk around the city, exploring and chatting about all the wonderful and quirky sights, we found ourselves light-hearted and inspired. Mid step, one woman stops, heart raised to the sky and declares,”This is real community building!”  Exactly so…

Joy H Regan
Founder and Walking Partner

A Little About Me and WomenWalking 🙂

Loneliness inspired me. Walking rewarded me.

As a single mom, my kids (high school) and I had just moved to a town where we didn’t know anyone. The move turned into a leap of faith initiated by a voice inside me, saying, “You can do it.”

Let me step back a bit. A number of years ago, I was a mediator. Mediation is an incredible process where people receive unbiased support in resolving an argument. The beautiful part of it is that the people in dispute are active participants in deciding the outcome and resolution of their dispute. Witnessing that miracle of moment when two people who are pissed at each other “get” what the other is saying is incredibly life changing.

“What does this have to do with walking?” Well, women are natural walkers and talkers. Walking side by side in a non-confrontational position, we can listen to what the other is saying, and similar to the mediation experience, we have the opportunity to understand that differences don’t have to be a deal breaker. We share much sameness and we get to discover this while walking and talking outside! Look around. It’s in our DNA. We dive deep into conversation as we naturally pair up in two’s.

Working full time, getting home tired, parenting my kids, I was in need of peer companionship. I was lonely. What’s a shy girl to do? Throw open the door and take a walk!

Did you know that the Nurses’ Health Study from Harvard Medical School found, “…that the more friend’s women have, the less likely they are to develop physical impairments as they age, and the more likely they are to be leading a joyful life.” (Sounds good to me!)

WomenWalking started as an idea in my head. An epiphany. Computer…Women…Walking…Talking…In pairs. Like the mediation experience, we don’t have to think alike in order to take a walk and “get” what the other is saying. I want to do that. “I want a walking partner and I can find one on the internet!”

I’d love to tell you it’s all been easy. I’d love to give you my story of wonder and accomplishments. But I’m just a person like you – walking my path. Life’s challenges, lessons learned. I married Kevin in 2007 and lost him in 2014. He supported WomenWalking 100%. When we’d be out for a ride on the motorcycle and see two women out walking (they’re everywhere), he’d shout to me, “Look, WomenWalking!” 

Community connection feels even more important without Kevin. Getting outside to stretch my legs and have a real conversation always makes me feel really terrific. Let’s meet up for a walk!


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