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Step into Positive Change in 2014


Creating Positive Change Through Conscious Actions

Nights have been cold these past weeks in northern California; down in the low 20’s. Cold enough to ice water troughs and sugarcoat plants with ice, turning the world into a glittering fairyland. There has been little rain in 2013, the ice a blessed replacement.

Consider. Night descends, cold blankets, frost grows, sun rises lightening the sky, warms the ground and melts the ice into water, drenching the earth with a much relished drink of water! Nature’s gift of positive change through action.

Notice…Out for a walk: Stepping within the canopy of a forested part of the park there is a rustling sound – several deer camouflaged within the foliage, now alerted to human presence, ears forward, poised to run. Stopping to say hello causes two deer to pirouette down the hill as the third races uphill in the opposite direction, slicing through a barbed wire fence. Continuing along the path, the light bulb switches on to luminate it was my presence and talking that frightened and separated the deer. Unintended consequences. Walking helps to process thoughts and intentions, building blocks for positive actions towards change.

Make every moment count in 2014 by creating your own positive change through conscious actions. 🙂 Contact a member today ~ right this very moment ~ and go out for a walk. If you aren’t already a member, Join!

Walking is energizing. It encourages the heart to beat faster, blood to pump enthusiastically, life flows in and out of the lungs, legs and arms swing in concert with each stride. Walking is the perfect way to experience -up close- sights, sounds, smells, world vibrations – whether walking around the neighborhood, city or out in nature.

Get in on the fun and be a part of our mission to provide a place and space for all women to dialogue, experience clear minds, release stresses and feel good in our bodies. Connect within and with our communities for positive change. Together we walk strong!

Celebrate the light that shines within you!
May this year bring you buckets of joy, wonder & inspiration that will ignite your passion for walking and love for connection with women as your network and community.

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Member Group Walk San Francisco
Saturday, January 18
10 AM
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Create Intention
Out walking…Stop a moment. What do you hear? Close your eyes. Listen. Breathe. What is your intention for just this one moment? That’s all it takes. Just one moment.

About WomenWalking

WomenWalking is You, Us ~ Women.
It’s not important how fast or slow we walk, it’s what we find and share together within the moments of walking that makes us a strong, cohesive community.

Our intention: to be a supportive space where women can simply Be. Leave behind stress, discover ourselves in the outdoors, and rejoice and have fun being who we are, where we are.!

WomenWalking is a global social movement made up of women walking partners & groups. We are dedicated to walking for fun and connection throughout our communities while gaining a confidence that grows through shared experience and the joy of spending time outside. Walking is easy, relaxing and life changing.

Finding Joy

Gather women, whether as walking partners or in walking groups. Walk together for camaraderie, friendship, sharing and the immediate sense of connection with community. WomenWalking Women Walking Partners www.womenwalking.net

Walking ~ An exploration in Joy ~ Walk until you find yourself again!

Here we are ~ December. The last precious month of 2013. Is this the beginning or the end? Perhaps, it’s both. Our lives ebb and flow in synchronicity with the tide and moon, earth and sun, beginning and ending. Subtle and not so subtle shifts take place from moment to moment, woven together with laughter, sorrow, tears, jubilance, love and Joy. Walking provides women with the most wondrous opportunity to both do something and to find Joy in the doing. Joy is alive within the grace that infuses the motion of walking and in noticing the smallest things. Stop. Breathe. Look up. See the sky – bluer than blue or gray and turbulent; stars brilliant in the night sky; luminous moon, glorious sun. Look around. Holiday lights twinkle and sparkle; humans moving about their lives; the earth in transition; birds soaring, deer prancing, secrets of nature revealed; a smile your way. Walk until you find yourself again. Joy is a simple and accessible gift we can offer to ourselves and that also, by extension, enriches others’ lives. It’s right here, luscious and ripe. Pick it. Put it in your pocket. Joy in this very moment now…and now…and now. ‘Tis the season.

Joyous Season’s Greetings!

~~~  Stay Tuned For…  Our upcoming monthly group walks in select towns/cities country wide, beginning after the 1st of the year. For those of you interested in participating and/or leading walks, contact us for details. contact@womenwalking.net

** Oh, Joy!  A principle fundamental to WomenWalking’s mission aligned with the wisdom of Louise Hay ~ 

“It is time to connect with other women, to improve life for all women. This will, in turn, improve life for men. When women are fulfilled, satisfied and happy, they will be wonderful partners, wonderful people to work with and to live with…We must work to strengthen the ties between women, to support each other in our paths of growth. We want to learn all that we can so that we can pass this strength and power on to our children and our children’s children.” Louise Hay

August Moments

Dear Women,
August Has Its Moments!  Walking slows down our pace while providing us the gift of the present moment. The present rescues us from past and future. Past and future yield to moment. Sweet moment ~~ The space in which we women have for ourselves. 

Being in the moment loosens constraints that entangle our ability to think clearly, speak articulately and perhaps most importantly, listen to one another, giving room for, well… everything.

Walking outside, women instinctively “get” our interconnection with all beings, feet on the ground and level with the earth, limitations fall away and the experience becomes personal and powerful. Walking activates passion, passion sparks creativity, creativity ignites confidence and confidence inspires all things possible. 

Mark Your Calendars!
Connecticut  August 15 – 25
WomenWalking is a Proud Sponsor of:
Connecticut State Parks Centennial Celebration 
Join in the Walking —

To celebrate the past, present and future of Connecticut State Parks is a year-long Centennial Celebration. 

The SoJourn -Summer OutdoorJourney-  will beginThursday, August 15 and continue thru Sunday, August 25, and is be a 10-day trek across Connecticut – from Quaddick State Park in Thompson to Sherwood Island State Park, Westport – by bike, by kayak and on foot.
For More Info and To Join In:


The Collective Voice Has Power

June 21st, 2013 — Summer Solstice —
a time of celebration, of honoring the light, our connection to the Sun and the Earth.
a time for women to step outside and walk with a walking partner.


The mission of WomenWalking is multi-layered yet straight forward.

WomenWalking is a movement for health and well-being to get all women outside to walk and talk together.  Walking changes lives in positive ways. We invite women to celebrate their truest nature by opening to the support of the outside world and each other.

Step by step,  our stories unfold becoming one song. Women stretch and relax as core strength emerges, bringing into home and community a new sense of calm, joy and confidence.

Women walking together are fluent, earthy, relational, intuitive, exhilarating. The simple act of walking together nurtures a cross cultural sharing and learning of experiences that are rich in connection with all life.

Individual actions add up to collective change.
WomenWalking encourages women to share commonalities through the simple act of walking together.  Walking becomes a kind of retreat of the heart when women celebrate experiences through unfolding stories.

Women walking together as partners adds up to collective empowerment impacting the larger community.
The intimacy of conversation and the deep rest provided by nature enrichs the sense of connection with all life.  As sisters on a journey, women come to drink deeply from this spring, reclaiming our path on this earth.

Listen Here as Joy Regan & Susun Weed laugh,share stories and talk about the many wonders and benefits of walking.

I met up with a walking partner and we walked around downtown. We window-shopped, shared a lunch together and chatted with other pedestrians. What a wonderful way to get outside for fresh air and friendship, doing something that I wouldn’t do otherwise!” — – As told by one woman in a wheelchair.  

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