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Walking Earth Every Day

Walking Partners for Women
Partnership in Community

Walking is relaxing, stress relieving and fun to do with a friend.

The goal ofWomenWalking is to build a movement of women who get outside to walk and talk together.  Register and create a profile, connect with members and meet in person for walks.

Put on your shoes, bring your stories and step outdoors to walk with a walking partner. 

Join with us by walking  ~ Earth Day Every Day. 

“Walking is one of the simplest, least expensive, and most effective things you can do for your health. It strengthens bones, tunes up the cardiovascular system, and, psychologically, can clear a cluttered mind. Hundreds of studies have documented its benefits…strong interpersonal relationships and support networks reduce the risk of many problems, ranging from the common cold and depression to heart attacks and strokes. In contrast, social isolation has been identified as a heart disease risk factor.”  — Harvard Health Publications, HarvardMedicalSchool


About WomenWalking

The mission of WomenWalking is to grow and support an inclusive and diverse network of women who connect online to schedule walks and meet in person as walking partners for enjoyment, health and the benefit of spending time outside ~ positively transforming women, families and communities. 

WomenWalking is a community of women who meet to walk and talk together.

Walking outside as partners,  is a joyful practice that opens the door to a shared experience in common.

Our core belief is that a successful community of women walkers will impact and sustain our world in positive ways.  Through dialogue and exercise we  co-create a unique universality by enjoying this very simple action together ~ walking.


Walking ~ The Joy of Being

Winter Solstice ~December 21, 2012

The sun is as far south as it will go in its orbit ~ the shortest day of sunlight.   A time for inward reflection and renewal.

To simply, Be.


December 2012

“The word “apocalypse” from the Greek apokalypsis ~ disclosure of knowledge; a lifting of the veil or revelation;representing the revealing of truth and awareness of the true nature of things.”

Here we are.  December. This last precious month of 2012.  Is this the beginning or the end?  Perhaps both.  Like the tide, things come and go.  Our lives, ever shifting and changing, continue to be ignited and enriched with,  joy,  suffering,  jubulance,  pain,  laughter,  sorrow, love..as we live from moment to moment.

To Do:  The question, “What to do?” asked by so many in response to the tragic deaths in Newtown, CT  ~ doing is a place we go when we are in grief,  frightened,  our mind in chaos, searching for an answer;  searching for  something to be done that will fix or change the circumstances.

The question becomes “How to be?”

To Be:  Be in this moment with all who suffer or Be in the moment of creating a memoriam honoring those gone and those suffering grief of loss or Be in a celebration of life.

Be with walking ~ with the grace that infuses the action of movement. Walk until you recognize yourself again.  Stop. Look.  Breathe.  Be with the world.  See the sky – deep blue, or gray and turbulent and  stars, brilliant in the night sky or noticeably missing; holiday lights, twinkle and shimmer; people going about their lives; the earth in transition; busy birds;  a smile your way.

Lovely Life – Gifts of living.  To Be in this present moment.

As walking partners, we become suffused with the energy of camaraderie, friendship and the depth of how good walking makes us feel;  as women we are alive in the joy of walking together in celebration of Being!

Wishing you Happiness and Joy in your festivities and throughout the New Year!


Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh

Peace is every step.

The shining red sun is my heart.

Each flower smiles with me.

How green, how fresh, all that grows.

How cool the wind blows.

Peace is every step.

It turns the endless path to joy.

Do you know..?

The next time you are out for a walk and have the privilege of spotting a baby deer, remember this.

As nature’s protection, a baby deer has no scent.  Mother leaves to forage for food and predator’s can’t smell the doe.

It’s important to leave the baby deer right where it is even if you can’t see its mom. She’s there somewhere and she will come back to feed her baby to keep it strong and nourished.