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Thanks and Giving

Happy Thanks Giving!! 

Sending our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones for a bountiful celebration of life.

Gratitude to our members for your continuing partnership and support for Women Walking together everywhere.

In Celebration of Community,


Why Walking Partners

Why Walking Partners?

Our core belief that women walking together for health and pleasure is beneficial to our global community, is supported by a strong community of women, who, as walking partners, impact and sustain our planet in positive ways through dialogue and exercised bodies/minds.

Together as walking partners, we co-create a universal reality simply by walking and talking together. As humans and as women, when we walk, we become inspired to listen to one another, find what we share in common and understand that we don’t have to agree about everything in order to get along and enjoy walking together.

It’s really great to meet up for a walk, getting outside to stretch legs and have a true heartfelt conversation; something women do naturally everywhere.

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Women Walking Partners and Group Walking

I cherish having a network of women in my life I can count on.  It is also fantastic to meet, get to know and network with  women outside my network. Women are gifted with communication, so having a partner to walk with, getting to hear and understand different perspective is fantastic!

Our group walk in San Francisco was all I hoped it would be. Women who have not met before, walking together getting to know each other and exploring a city environment where no neighborhood is the same. Our group was a microcosm of our surroundings. Walking partners, each of us different with different views, sharing our thoughts, investigating new views and enjoying being outside together.



Walking Partners

Finding someone to walk with on the spur of the moment  can be daunting. Even having lived in the same town for many years and knowing a lot of women, finding time to walk together can be a scheduling nightmare.  Next thing you know, you are looking at a month from now on your day planner and all you wanted to do was get outside for a walk with a partner because you have some unexpected free time and it’s a beautiful day.

What to do?  Now with such easy access for a search on the web it seems to be the first place we look rather than the last place.  Great!  www.womenwalking.net  It’s the best place to look for not just one walking partner but several walking partners at the touch of your keypad — a piece of cake solution to the scheduling problem when you have more than one woman you can contact to be your walking partner.

No stopping you now. Be in contact with your women walking partners and enjoy that unexpected free time outside walking!


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