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Season Greetings

This December, this last precious month of 2011, see if you can find the poetry in movement as you walk, and the grace that infuses our lives on this incredible planet.   Notice the Small stuff: the sky – brilliant blue, or gray and turbulent, or stars shining bright; holiday lights twinkling and shimmering; people playing; birds darting here and there; the smell of food cooking; a bug movin ...[Read More]

The Love Of Walking

Here’s the one thing I love more than anything else about walking. I always feel right and centered when I start stretching my legs and swinging my arms, moving into the rhythm of the walk – whether hiking, meandering, breaking a sweat or simply walking fast. I feel enlivened and in sync, not just because it feels good to shake a leg (or a tailfeather) but, also because I feel proud of ...[Read More]

Welcome October

As the earth burrows more deeply into autumn, we see evidence of  changes in preparation for hibernation.  The change is more subtle some places and more vivid in others, but still there when we stop to look and see. Walking in nature helps to realize how much the earth is in constant transition. There is a revolving ebb and flow of growth, change and death of life all around. Funny how the death ...[Read More]

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