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No Woman Left Inside

The Nurses’ Health Study at Harvard Medical School,
“…the more friend’s women have, the less likely they are to develop physical impairments as they age, and the more likely they are to be leading a joyful life.”

Looking for motivation to step outside?
Love to walk with a friend?
Be a walking partner!
Don’t walk alone. Walk with a companion.
New in town?
Meet women for some easy exercise and conversation.
Interested in weight loss?
Walk into health with a fitness partner.
Motivate and inspire each other to stay fit.
Gain self-confidence and positivity.
Connect more with your local community.
Network one to one for your business.
We call it NetWalking!
Wanna know more? Check out Common Questions.
Create Intention
Pencil in a walking time. If you have free time on say, Tuesday from 5-6pm, calendar it! (Think of that doctor appointment you have scheduled. You go, right?) Now jot down the appointment to walk and show up for yourself!
Calendar of Events
Member group walks are a great way to meet other members! Check the calendar schedule for a group walk near you. No walk posted in your neighborhood? Go for it – Lead a walk and we’ll help you set it up! Talk to Us

“It is the movement as well as the sights going by that seems to make things happen in the mind, and this is what makes walking ambiguous and endlessly fertile: it is both means and end, travel and destination.”
Rebecca Solnit

Connecting with women is cool. There is something familiar and comfortable about being in the company of women – even if we don’t agree! As a shared adventure, walking outside helps to make exercise easy and provides the chance for deeper conversation. Walking is relaxing and stress relieving. Turmoil blows away on the wind. Tensions dissipate. Mind clears. Pace slows to the beat of the earth. Be a walking partner and be cool.
  • Did it! Meeting with a walking partner for the first time. Exciting, a little nervous, and really enjoyable. Once we started walking, the conversation flowed and the time passed in a blink. What a fantastic way to meet someone new and get exercise!
    Nicole, member
  • "It has been three weeks now. Every day, first thing, I throw on my clothes and get myself out the door to meet up with my walking partner for at least 30-40 minutes. I feel by doing so I have accomplished an important goal and anything else I do during the day is a bonus. Walking partners are motivating for people like me."
    Kama C., member
  • "The truth speaks... I have been a reluctant walker for many years until last year when I started walking with a walking partner (thanks WomenWalking) which has been great comfort, motivation and fun. Yes, walking works!"
    Wendy R., member
  • WomenWalking Partners ~ Walking ignites passion, passion inspires creativity, creativity shapes confidence, confidence makes all things possible. Join us!
    Joy Regan, Founder and Walking Partner
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