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2012: Joy, Exhilaration, Inspiration

2012: Joy, Exhilaration, Inspiration

The blur of time between Thanksgiving & the new year has passed virtually unannounced, its audience like cartoon characters that sit on the sidelines, heads bouncing left to right, right to left, trying to keep up.

The winter solstice flickered by with barely a nod or a moment’s recognition as the shortest day of the year, the segue into winter and blessed light.

Let’s make every moment count in 2012! – Belong.  Become a member or upgrade to a subscriber today! Join us in achieving our mission of providing a place for women to dialogue while keeping our minds and bodies limber, creating positive change. We have many changes in the works! We are actively establishing partnerships with like-minded organizations to extend our resources for collaborating and networking.

As we move forward into this new year, we acknowledge that a successful community for women is possible if we walk together and collaborate as one entity.  Together we can create positive change and support one another as individuals and universally as women in community. Together we walk strong.

May this year bring you joy, exhilaration & inspiration to ignite your passion for walking and community with women.