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About WomenWalking

About WomenWalking

We are a unique and innovative organization who initiates positive planetary change through the simple act of women walking outdoors together.

Some points of focus are: Self Reliance, Feminine Wisdom, Women’s Leadership Development and Community Resilience, all of which come as a result of women connecting through walking, nature and feeling confident. 

WomenWalking is the “get outside to walk” movement of women who enjoy walking one-to-one with a walking buddy.

We are committed to the fundamental view that walking is a fun and simple to do exercise. Enjoying the outdoors with a companion brings good energy to our self, our families and our communities.

WomenWalking is a small, woman owned company whose vision is that many of life’s challenges and stresses can be reduced, re-framed and re-imagined when women take a walk together.

We are dedicated to a world nourished by cohesive communities enriched by exercise, communication, connection and health.