In Honor and Memory of Kevin J Regan
A Prince Among Men
December 15, 2014

Women walking together bridge our communities step by step.

Joy H Regan, Founder

WomenWalking began as a seed; an idea that took root and has blossomed to shape my life, as a mentor, a friend and a role model for who I want to be.  As a single mom, my high school age kids and I moved to a town in Connecticut where we didn’t know anyone. Working full time, getting home tired, parenting my kids, I was eager for peer companionship. I realized I was lonely. So, what’s a shy girl to do? Throw open the door and take a walk!

Having been a mediator -an incredible process where people receive neutral support in resolving an argument and deciding their own outcome- I was witness to that miracle of moment when two people who are angry at each other “get” what the other is saying. It’s life changing.

While out walking alone, I would see women walking in pairs, talking and having fun. I suddenly understood that women are natural walkers. We walk and talk, or walk and not talk, or walk and listen or simply keep each other company. I wanted someone to walk with for connection with my community. Walking side by side is non-confrontational, and makes listening to what the other is saying easy and spontaneous. Our similarities get unearthed while in movement outside and truly shape us as partners in community!



WomenWalking is the “get outside to walk” movement of women who want to walk with one walking partner.

We are committed to the belief that walking is a fun and simple to do exercise. Enjoying the outdoors with a companion brings good energy to ourselves, our families and our communities.

We are a small company who believes many of life’s challenges and stresses can be reduced, re-framed and re-imagined when women take a walk together.

We are dedicated to a world nourished by cohesive communities that are enriched by exercise, communication and health.

Women connect with other members and meet in person for walks. Whether around town or when traveling, broaden your network of women and enjoy a deeper sense of connection with your communities.

Walking is relaxing, stress relieving and terrific to do with a friend. We have busy lives; managing home, families, jobs, relationships, education and any daily challenges that may arise. Too often the importance of our own enjoyment, health and well-being gets put aside.

You can change that right here, right now.Take your first step.

Join Us.  Meet women who, like yourself, love to walk and talk.