The Shape, Sound and Colors of our Conversations

What shape, sound or color does a conversation feel like? Is it bold and brassy or intimate and whispery? Does it feel hot like the sun or frigid as ice? Does conversation draw you in like a magnet leaving you wanting more or does it feel so scary that you want to run as far and fast as possible? Is it the size of the moon or as small as a dandelion?

The conversation that can be experienced with some when walking outdoors for could be all of the above, but the likely hood of it being a positive powerful experience is profoundly possible. Why? Because the movement of walking incites the flow of energy and thoughts. It delivers vitality to a space and place for thinking. When life force and emotions get to connect with the wonderful world of the outdoors, spurred on by the blood and muscle that’s thrilled to be moving and shaking, the content of your talk will invariably be spontaneous, powerful and real.

Give yourself the freedom to walk where you want and for how long it feels comfortable to you. Tune out any voice that says you should do this or that. Any walking is inspired walking. It doesn’t matter how far you walk. Give yourself the permission to step out if only for 5 minutes. Remind yourself that what you are doing is with the intention to feel good and this is only the beginning.

Just wait until you discover the moments that nature pokes through to you from anywhere. A flower bursting through a crack in the sidewalk, a bird swooping down right across your path, a kitty meowing out from under a car. It’s an endless surprise of possibilities to recognize and share in conversation.

When women walk together in two’s or as a group, conversation becomes the shape of each woman’s thoughts. Like a pin ball machine, each thought pinging back and forth. One person talks, the others listen, taking turns voicing ideas and perspectives. Unlike the pin ball machine, your ideas don’t end in the pocket, they move and morph into varying shapes and sizes and colors. This way it feels good, this way let’s toss it, it doesn’t quite work. Ideas become a deeper conversation and stay with each woman to add perspective, opening doors that add dimension to each others thoughts and views.

Envision a circle of women who we freely share the texture and color of our stories as we become a broader community of walking together.

Nature Offers Presence

My friend and I agreed to meet at a local park for a walk because it was a beautiful day and we both wanted to get out for a bit of a stretch.

Since I had a little time before a business meeting, I thought I’d just get there, take the walk and go to the next stop on my calendar.  As we began walking, I was aware that I was feeling in a hurry, distracted because I was on a time frame due to my next meeting.

I’m not sure exactly when or how it happened, but at some point I noticed that I wasn’t thinking about my next appointment. Actually, I’d forgotten about it as I became immersed in the beauty and serenity of the day. Leaves sparkled. Birds swooped and called. Lizards scrambled for cover. Trees creaked and leaned (was it towards me)?

The wind was soft and warm. The sun was hot but not too hot. Shady places were enticing as trees offered a cool respite. My friend and I didn’t talk much but somehow by unspoken agreement or acknowledgement that it was all too perfect to talk, would stop in synchronicity to snap photos or look around as the magic of the day became our enchantress. The wonderful ease of nature and how she draws you in, washing away any tensions and transforming you into the person you know you want to be. Solid, grounded, full of life, happy, excited.

The discovery that I could leave behind the tension of time and become immersed inside nature reinforced what I already know. Walking outside is stress relieving and healing.

PopUp Santa Rosa

Wednesday, 9/29
Revitalize yourself. Pop out to join us for a quick spin – 20-30 minutes – around the block to get your energy moving.

Meetup: Corner of 4th and D St’s in front of Peet’s Coffee

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PopUp Petaluma

Wednesday, 9/20
Revitalize yourself. Pop out to join us for a quick spin – 20-30 minutes – around the block to get your energy moving.

Meetup: Water St @ Petaluma River Bridge (downtown side)

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Wake Up & Walk Petaluma

Saturday, September 23rd
Shollenberger Park
Start your day the best way. Step out for a walk with wonderful women!

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PopUp Walk Petaluma

Thursday, September 7th

It’s cooling down! Temp for Petaluma is going to be 77 degrees and delicious!
Revitalize yourself. Pop out to join us for a quick spin – 20-30 minutes – around the block – or two.

Meetup corner of B and 4th Streets @ the Petaluma Historical Museum

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PopOut for a PopUp Walk

Take a break & move your energy in the company of women.
PopOut for a quick spin around the block (30 mins ish)
~Friday, August 25 @ 12 noon
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Let Life Surprise You

The other day, I stopped for gas at a station that was very busy and of course I was in a hurry. Plus, I get frustrated even having to stop for gas. When I get inside to pay, there was a big line of people waiting for the one and only cashier. Thoughts buzzing through my head. Do I want to wait? How long will it take? Can I somehow cut this line?

The impatience clearly must have showed on my face as I heaved a huge exasperated sigh. Turning to see how far the line went, my glance falls on a very large, very dark man with gold teeth and Rastafarian hair who’s looking at me and gently asks, “You just getting gas? You can go in front of me.”

Still in my head, I say, “No thank you, I don’t want to cut the line,” barely acknowledging his kindness as I move past him towards the back of the line. While standing waiting, I’m thinking about what an unexpected kind gesture this stranger offered me and I barely gave him the time of day. [Read More]


Our motto is our calling ~

What does this mean exactly?

Simply this.

We believe that no matter what speed you walk, when you walk, how you walk or where you walk, there’s someone out there for you to buddy up with for company and conversation. As a good friend often remarks, “It’s all about community.” [Read More]

What Does Summer Mean for You

Summer Solstice. What does it mean?                                                

Technically speaking, “Wednesday at 12:24 a.m. Eastern Time marks the summer solstice, the scientific start to summer for half the world.

The Northern Hemisphere will dip toward the sun, basking in its warmth for longer than at any other time. The solstice occurs because the Earth spins on a tilted axis. This slouch of 23.5 degrees is also responsible for the other seasons.

For the United States, this is a remarkable time for the sun. On Aug. 21, the country will experience a total solar eclipse, when the moon passes in front of the sun and casts its shadow on parts of the Earth. [Read More]

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