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What If???

What if…Instead of filling in the quiet with busyness, I settled into myself and felt the depth of the silence?

What if…Rather than picking up my phone to see what others are doing, I picked up a journal and waited until the words flowed from my heart and down my arm, filling the page?

What if…I slipped on my shoes in the morning softness and slowly roamed my neighborhood, discovering my connection within the birdsong, swirling and dancing on the wind?

What if…Becoming friends with the fertile ground of solitude, freed me from my fear and allowed me to soar in pure joy?

I Am What I Choose to Become

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.” Carl Jung

I’ve been chewing on the idea of how to tell some of my own stories for a while now, or even why to tell them. Typically, I like to spotlight women’s voices, but this statement by Carl Jung jumped out to me, resonating with where I am in own musings about telling my stories.

I’ve been told that I’m a “private person.” Seriously, I’m not sure quite what this means. From what I’ve observed, most humans are “private” about sharing personal and vulnerable things about themselves and I wonder, does being “private” make me less relatable? If instead I share my moments of connection rather than stories of pain and triumph, will you still feel an understanding and connection with me?

Walking as Leader

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the meaning of leadership. Remembering back to the 2017 fires in north California when my mother got evacuated and came to live with me; while feeling like we were also on the verge of being evacuated, I felt afraid and wanting up to date, clear information. I found the Sonoma Sheriff on facebook. As a collective group of leaders from different departments including, CalFire, CHP, Sonoma Sheriff (to name a few), they gave updates 2x daily, each person in turn reporting on what they knew and what was being done. I felt comforted by clear, opinion free, drama free information.

What does it mean to be a leader?

I Rescued a Worm Today. Or Did I?

I rescued a worm today. Or did I?

Walking along, a movement catches my eye as a big fat morsel of a worm is worming its way across the sandy, dry path. Giving itself what looked like a scrumptious dirt bath.

Stopping to watch, my lips feel slightly parched as I watch this little worm surely drying out right before my eyes. It needs water, it needs help! So of course, I say, “Come with me little worm,” as I pick it up and lay it in the luscious green moist grass, thinking this would be the perfect spot for a wee bit of R&R and resuscitation. But still, it doesn’t move. Did I do the right thing?

The Extraordinary You

How do you stay true to your intentions, your vision and your feminine self as you navigate your path, build genuine partnership and create balance within the world of life and work?

Walking and nature will support you in unearthing and igniting a deeper sense of passion, clarity and connection with who you are in the world.

Walking is your outdoors guide to re-imagining your path while uniting self, nature, joy and the wonderful women in your life. Immersing into the collective wisdom of women, you can explore a bigger version of the extraordinary you. Think of nature as your facilitator of discovering moments.

Moments. Small but Mighty.

One of our community members who is also a friend, was telling me about her recent trip to Italy. When I asked her if there was any one special moment that stood out for her, she didn’t hesitate. She knew exactly what it was.

“My sister and I wanted to get a deeper sense of the town we were visiting, so we decided to go off and explore on foot. Walking around the town, wandering and meandering, we passed by all sorts of fascinating buildings and avenues but there was one restaurant that seemed to be beckoning to us so we listened to the whisper and stopped to look in the windows. As we did so, a woman opened the door and welcomed us inside. We thought maybe we’d each simply get a beverage, Kerry a beer and myself a glass of wine.

Life is Like a Sunrise

​I found myself mesmerized by the sunrise one particular morning when out for my usual walk. With its unabridged version of transformation and expansion taking place right there in front of me in a seemingly effortless display of colors, textures and layers upon layers of awe-inspiring inventiveness, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world!

Stepping onward, ruminating on the many times I’ve heard myself or someone else say, Did you see the sunrise?” as if it’s a one sentence occurrence, I let my thoughts wander along, keeping company with the sequence of sky changing adventure, a pattern began to take shape to where I could see the exquisite parallel between the unfolding of my life and the blossoming of a sunrise.

Women Who Walk Together, Inspire Intelligent and Emotional Optimism

“I have a dream, a vision, a belief. I am a woman just like you. Well, maybe, not just like you, but like you; kindred.”

Within each of us are rich, complex and timeless stories, hungering to be set free; to be voiced; to be heard. You’ve had harder times than me. I’ve had harder times than you. But in the end, we’re still women. We have in common dreams, fears, emotions, pain, tradition, differences, music, struggles, achievements, creativity and passionate hearts.

The Dragonfly in You

No matter where we walk there’s always something to be noticed. A little tidbit to put in your pocket and carry with you throughout the day; some glimmer of wonder to hold onto that gives pleasure and strength. Simply open the door and slide back the ceiling to reveal the magic of the outdoors. Out there goes on forever.

The walking outside experience can feel different each time depending on where, how and with whom we are walking. It’s good to get off the paths or sidewalks and take a detour; explore. A walk up that humongous hill with a stop to breathe (in my case, pant!) turns it into an event with a reward at the end. I did it. You did it. We did it!

We Love When Members Tell Their Stories! 

WomenWalking recently sat down with one of our members, Christine, to get the scoop from her about the zest in her walking partner experiences. Here’s what we found out:

What do you like about walking one on one with another woman, otherwise known as a walking partner?

I really like that it’s an uninterrupted time to connect and exchange; swap information and share stories while exercising, it’s great. I have a regular walking partner and we meet once a week. We’ve known each other for years. She’s my diary and I’m her diary. Every week we catch up on everything that’s happened: with ourselves, our husbands, our kids, our lives and our jobs. It’s just a perfect way to process how the week went.