Dedication to Humans

In Honor and Tribute
to Firefighters, Police, Medical Personnel
& All who give of themselves, opening heart and home 


What happens to community when there’s a crisis?  We humans come together!

October 9, 2017, fire broke out near where I live. It became multiple fires and spread very quickly due to the fierceness of the winds.

People died (we don’t know how many yet); more than 3,000 homes and businesses were burnt to the ground; many more people were and have been displaced and evacuated to evacuation centers, to friends and family homes, hotels/motels, anywhere people could find a safe place to bring themselves and their beloved animals.

People woken abruptly in the middle of the night, groggy and disoriented, having to flee from the fire with nothing but the clothes they wore, not knowing if they would return to a home or to ashes. Not knowing if they would make it out alive.

Neighbors and strangers knocking on doors to get people out of their homes and safe. 

Smoke filled the air for miles around as the fire raged and burned, carrying small particles of the structures that were burning, making it dangerous to breathe, to be outside or even open windows and doors.

Help and welcome has been everywhere and abundant. So much so there were signs saying, No More Donations Please. So so many people pitching in to help strangers who needed it; to help one another. Strong, incredible leadership. So much kindness.

What a world we live in. One day people are hating on each other, the next they’re diving in to save a life.

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The Shape, Sound and Colors of our Conversations

What shape, sound or color does a conversation feel like? Is it bold and brassy or intimate and whispery? Does it feel hot like the sun or frigid as ice? Does conversation draw you in like a magnet leaving you wanting more or does it feel so scary that you want to run as far and fast as possible? Is it the size of the moon or as small as a dandelion?

The conversation that can be experienced with some when walking outdoors for could be all of the above, but the likely hood of it being a positive powerful experience is profoundly possible. Why? Because the movement of walking incites the flow of energy and thoughts. It delivers vitality to a space and place for thinking. When life force and emotions get to connect with the wonderful world of the outdoors, spurred on by the blood and muscle that’s thrilled to be moving and shaking, the content of your talk will invariably be spontaneous, powerful and real.

Give yourself the freedom to walk where you want and for how long it feels comfortable to you. Tune out any voice that says you should do this or that. Any walking is inspired walking. It doesn’t matter how far you walk. Give yourself the permission to step out if only for 5 minutes. Remind yourself that what you are doing is with the intention to feel good and this is only the beginning.

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PopUp Petaluma

Wednesday, 10/4
Revitalize yourself. Pop out to join us for a quick spin – 20-30 minutes – around the block to get your energy moving.

Meetup: 2nd & B St; outside Wild Goat Bistro

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Nature Offers Presence

My friend and I agreed to meet at a local park for a walk because it was a beautiful day and we both wanted to get out for a bit of a stretch.

Since I had a little time before a business meeting, I thought I’d just get there, take the walk and go to the next stop on my calendar.  As we began walking, I was aware that I was feeling in a hurry, distracted because I was on a time frame due to my next meeting.

I’m not sure exactly when or how it happened, but at some point I noticed that I wasn’t thinking about my next appointment. Actually, I’d forgotten about it as I became immersed in the beauty and serenity of the day. Leaves sparkled. Birds swooped and called. Lizards scrambled for cover. Trees creaked and leaned (was it towards me)?

The wind was soft and warm. The sun was hot but not too hot. Shady places were enticing as trees offered a cool respite. My friend and I didn’t talk much but somehow by unspoken agreement or acknowledgement that it was all too perfect to talk, would stop in synchronicity to snap photos or look around as the magic of the day became our enchantress. The wonderful ease of nature and how she draws you in, washing away any tensions and transforming you into the person you know you want to be. Solid, grounded, full of life, happy, excited.

The discovery that I could leave behind the tension of time and become immersed inside nature reinforced what I already know. Walking outside is stress relieving and healing.

Gifts of Small moments when out walking

Rounding the corner on foot, I come to an abrupt stop behind the pick-up truck parked right there in the middle of the corner. As my mind works on why the truck is stopped just there kind of in the middle of things, it then begins to roll. A movement at the corner of my eye pulls my head towards whatever is distracting me and I then understand the reason the truck had stopped. Something is there in the bushes. A large animal. A wolf? A bobcat? Perhaps a coyote? It’s moving towards the road watching me, eyes darting between me and the receding truck. Our eyes meet and in that instant, it’s gone. A split second of time but the image manages to stay with me for most of my walk

Shimmering, glimmering threads of spi…der webs strung like lights between leaves, branches, shoots of tall grasses. Festive and holiday like. How do these Arachnids manage such feats of art?

Lizards scampering all around the wood bridge – watchful and waiting to see what happens next.

I stop on the path to watch a black bug wandering – first it’s one way, then turning back, walking under the tip of my shoe and then out the other side continues on its way. My shoe must be a bridge.

Sun streaming through branches and grasses – diffused by leaves and earth bound life.

A canopy of trees makes for a nice quiet safe spot for a nap.


Wake Up & Walk Petaluma

Saturday, October 14th
Helen Putnam Park
Start your day the best way. Step out for a walk with wonderful women!

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Rise & Walk Santa Rosa

Saturday, October 28th
Spring Lake

Start your day the best way. Step out for a walk with wonderful women!

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Rise and Walk Santa Rosa

Saturday, September 30th
Spring Lake

Start your day the best way. Step out for a walk with wonderful women!

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PopUp Santa Rosa

Wednesday, 9/29
Revitalize yourself. Pop out to join us for a quick spin – 20-30 minutes – around the block to get your energy moving.

Meetup: Corner of 4th and D St’s in front of Peet’s Coffee

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PopUp Petaluma

Wednesday, 9/20
Revitalize yourself. Pop out to join us for a quick spin – 20-30 minutes – around the block to get your energy moving.

Meetup: Water St @ Petaluma River Bridge (downtown side)

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