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Cherish the Moments of Grace

December. A time and place that felt so away and yet seemed to arrive in a flash.
December. This last precious month of 2018.

Pause in the moment. Feel the poetry in the movement as you walk.  Discover the grace that infuses your life.  Dive deep into yourself and revel in the who in you, the magnificent, wonderful, uniquely beautiful you.

Pause as you take time to notice the small stuff:

The color and texture of the sky, whether it’s that brilliant blue that takes your breath away or it’s that turbulent gray, so frenzied and full of clouds, it’s about to explode with rain.

Perhaps it’s the holiday lights that twinkle and glitter as more miraculously appear each day, new color, new shapes and sizes as people stake their claim, I’m here!.

Or it could be the smell of delicious cooking as you meander past your neighbor who you know loves to test out new recipes.

Maybe it’s just a tiny bug making its way across the path in front of you, gathering supplies for its winter stockpile.

It could be early bird chatter when they dart across the morning sky, black in silhouette as the sun begins its ascent low in the winter light.

What if it’s simply a smile offered by a passerby, a true treasure.

Whatever it is, celebrate the laughter, friendship, community, friends and family and take time to pause in this precious moment of life on this extraordinary, amazing, beautiful planet we call earth – home.

Cherish the grace of small moments that suffuse your life with connection and joy. Oh, and link arms with your friend as you meet outside to take your walk.