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Dedication to Humans

In Honor and Tribute
to Firefighters, Police, Medical Personnel
& All who give of themselves, opening heart and home

What happens to community when there’s a crisis?  We humans come together!

October 9, 2017, fire broke out near where I live. It became multiple fires and spread very quickly due to the fierceness of the winds.

People died; more than 7,500 homes and structures were destroyed; many more people were displaced and evacuated to evacuation centers, to friends and family homes, hotels/motels, anywhere people could find a safe place to bring themselves and their beloved animals.

People woken abruptly in the middle of the night, groggy and disoriented, having to flee from the fire with nothing but the clothes they wore, not knowing if they would return to a home or to ashes. Not knowing if they would make it out alive. Not knowing where their animals were.

Neighbors and strangers knocking on doors to get people out of their homes and safe.

Smoke filled the air for miles around as the fire raged and burned, carrying small particles of the structures that were burning, making it dangerous to breathe, to be outside or even open windows and doors.

Help and welcome has been everywhere and abundant. So much so there were signs saying, No More Donations Please. So so many people pitching in to help strangers who needed it; to help one another. Strong, incredible leadership. So much kindness.

What a world we live in. One day people are hating on each other, the next they’re diving in to save a life.

The PopUp and Classic Walks that were scheduled on the calendar got cancelled; partly due to air quality and partly due to the chaos of energy and not right time.

As I watched myself go into fear that early Monday morning, driving in the dark to get my mother who had been evacuated from her home, watching as the fire burned its way down the hill right next to the road I was on, I told myself, hold it together and stay grounded. I was worrying about three dear friends who live up that burning hill.

I would have loved to get outside to take a walk but it wasn’t an option, not that day and not that week. Racking my brain to think of how to accomplish a solitary walk, a walk with a buddy or a group walk, I realized that I needed to stop fighting the feeling, to stop my resistance to what was happening in that moment, and go on and practice living in the moment as I do when I walk, as you do when you walk.

There are days and times when we may not be able to get outside for a walk, so what to do? Bring the outdoors and walking memories inside with you. Remind yourself of the pleasures of those small moments you experience when outside. Talk to a friend and share your stories together. Take that moment, find yourself, immerse yourself as if you were outside on a walk with that friend. Connect with your community. We humans come together.