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Exploring the Possibility

Women walk better together!

Walking Partners. Step out. Experience the Moment. Exchange stories. Share knowledge. Connect on a genuine level. Walking sisters.

“The thought of being alone can be enough to keep some people from walking. The best way to solve this is by finding a friend to walk with. You can plan walking paths that are convenient for both of you, or map out routes that take you places you’ve never been before. It’s a great way to exercise and spend time with friends! There really are so many benefits for such a simple activity!”    American Heart Association

WomenWalking encourages independence and collaboration. We are not alone. We each are one integral part of a local and global community.

As members, we get to choose our own walking partners. We create a profile and can view other member’s profiles (a good reason to have a more detailed profile and photo!) and decide who we wish to contact. We make choices and steps of faith.

Walking together offers opportunity to share with other women our experiences of deep appreciation for the solidness of the earth, warmth of the sun, comfort from a blanket of stars and the joy we find in flowers, plants, trees and the playfulness of animals.

Walking together bestows the freedom to express things on our mind or to chit chat about “stuff” – nothing and everything. To enjoy together the early morning freshness or the exhilaration of much needed rain. Or not to talk at all, simply sharing the movement of walking and companionship.

Will we agree with and feel strong connection with all women? Who cares! Let’s explore the possibility. It’s there. Walking with a partner is an adventure and opportunity to discover what’s inside and outside. Some of our truest lessons and learning come from challenging experiences. Some of our finest memories come from taking the chance to investigate outside our comfort zone.

Go for it. Walk into the “burn.” Give yourself the gift of a bit more time in exploration towards a deeper level of connection. Trust that this other woman – like you – yearns for community, is inspired to gather to spend time outside in the company of women – nourishing self and building strong community together as partners – sisters in walking.