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Common Questions

What is a walking partner?

A walking partner is a companion, a buddy, a friend, who makes walking a fun and easy way to get some exercise. She’s someone who lives in your town or nearby and helps expand your connection to community by talking and walking.  WomenWalking Tip #1: Read our Code of Ethics to drop into the spirit of our community.

How do I find walking partners?

Once you have joined WomenWalking, you have access to our database of member profiles. Whenever you login, you can start exploring and messaging other women. When you’re ready, set up a time to meet and go on a walk.  WomenWalking Tip#2: Create a profile that speaks to who you are and where you want to go. Remember, everyone is here because they want to make connections and go walk, so don’t be shy.

Meeting a member for the first time; when and where is the best place to meet?

At WomenWalking, we encourage our members to engage in self~care, which includes finding a walk that is appropriate for both walking partners. Many women in our community will choose to meet for tea or walk around town before hitting the trails together, and that makes sense to us!  WomenWalking Tip #3: Using our platform for messaging allows you to choose when it feels right to share contact information and schedule a walk.

What does my monthly membership fee cover?

Membership fees go to the cost of building up and maintaining our WomenWalking community. We do this in a number of ways: 1. We organize and facilitate group walks which are complimentary for members. 2. We do community outreach on social media and with local organizations. 3. Most importantly, we keep an up-to-date database of women who want to connect to walk. WomenWalking is an ever growing and evolving community.  WomenWalking Tip #4: A few ways to help our community grow and get the most out of your membership is to login, reach out to members, share walking stories/photos and invite friends to come to our Group Walks and Events! Check out our Event Calendar today!   

I’m in a wheelchair. Is this community accessible to me?

WomenWalking is a diverse community and welcomes all women who have an interest in getting outside for fresh air, exercise and conversation. We all move at different speeds and we invite any differently abled woman to join. We have a list of places to visit that are wheelchair accessible and would love to recruit group leaders who are interested in group outings specifically for women who walk differently. (include link and create this page so that it’s truly an accessible site for all)

WomenWalking Tip #5: Be engaged in our Resources page and if you find a place to walk or explore that is wheel chair accessible, be sure to send it to WomenWalking moderators through our contact page. We are always updating and expanding resources so that we can be welcoming and inclusive to all women.   

Why do you need to know my age?

Due to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we are required to verify that all WomenWalking users are at least 13 years of age, however, WomenWalking requires that all users be at least 18 years of age (age of majority) in order to become a member of our community.   

Sharing my personal information for “all the world to see,” is a concern for me. Will other members see everything in my profile?

We understand and appreciate the importance of your privacy and we make it our highest priority. Your last name and email address are hidden, although do be aware that the information you share on your posts and profile can be seen by other members. Members do have the option to protect parts or all of their profile, although we don’t recommend hiding all of your profile because then members won’t be able to see anything about you. We recommend that you do not give out any of your personal information, such as telephone number, personal email, social security number or credit card info.   

How do I know it’s safe to use my credit card to make payment?

We use PayPal for all our secure payment transactions. PayPal is used by individuals and businesses around the world. Our site has no access to members’ credit card information. For more information about PayPal, please visit