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I Rescued a Worm Today. Or Did I?

I rescued a worm today. Or did I?

Walking along, a movement catches my eye as a big fat morsel of a worm is worming its way across the sandy, dry path. Giving itself what looked like a scrumptious dirt bath.

Stopping to watch, my lips feel slightly parched as I watch this little worm surely drying out right before my eyes. It needs water, it needs help! So of course, I say, “Come with me little worm,” as I pick it up and lay it in the luscious green moist grass, thinking this would be the perfect spot for a wee bit of R&R and resuscitation. But still, it doesn’t move. Did I do the right thing?

Continuing on my way, I realize there are many worms who have wormed their way into the middle of the dry sandy path, barely moving or not moving.

A conversation I’d had with a woman a few months back bubbles up; about how she and her friends were saving turtles on the beach. I don’t remember the cause or the specifics as to why, but the question she was contemplating as she spoke aloud was, “Am I doing the right thing even though I think I’m doing the right thing. Maybe we’re actually interfering with the natural order of things.” It’s a question I have asked myself.

Considering the conversation, got me playing again with that same question, only this time it was about worms and humans. Humans seem to naturally want to help, to make things right, make things “all right.” But the questions for me become, do the worms want help, did they ask, do I know more than the worms, or in this case, do I know more than nature and the natural order of things.

Maybe what’s happening is outside my scope of their place in the world and there’s more going on that I simply don’t know; that my “helping” to move the worm off of its path and move it somewhere else is actually interfering with the process.

And then the bigger thought. Now, stay with me here, I’m simply thinking out loud. Usually when I let my brain loose, it’s good until it starts to overload from the myriad of possibilities, at which point I hit a wall and need a brainstorm break. But I’m not there yet…

What if we humans shifted our perspective to a place of accepting that each entity has its place and order, and by “helping” we might actually be interfering. I know. It’s a big thought. It can go in so many directions and so many different scenarios of what helping might be.

This feels a bit too complex to have a one size fits all approach – most things are – but the concept of “coming to the rescue,” of people, animals, countries, might, in some way, feed the ego. What if coming to the rescue, instead of immediately acting on it, pausing to consider, to examine, to let the idea sit inside me, brining it back out when a circumstance arises. Would this allow the feeling of responsibility to rescue to soften, to open to more possibilities than the immediate drive to “help.”

What is this human desire to help. Does it come from a place of true desire or from a place of living up to a perceived expectation from others.  Is it about shining the light for self congratulations. Is it about feeding ones ego. Perhaps it a mixture of all. It’s a busy world out there that holds sway in contrast to our inner wisdom and knowing which makes sorting it out challenging.

Maybe you’re wondering where this is all going. Yup, me too. It started with a worm and has now become a statement on the neediness of humans. Okay, here’s what I think I’m saying. Bringing it back around to walking because for me it can begin and end there.

Walking as a way to comfort and connect and ground. Rather than as a means to get from point A to B, it is a means to connection with moments that connect directly with self, the larger part of us that, too often in a busy overwhelming world, we ignore. When we listen to that part of us, the divine wise part of our self, it’s easier to be clear about who I am, where I fit in the world, and let the “need” to help become something different. Instead of an assumption of help, help when it is asked for, wanted and understood.

What if: each person on this planet were to stop, stop in this one moment and connect with your divine self. How would this moment of your – each of our – calm and center, change the world. How would it impact the need to help, especially if every other human was connected in this moment to their heart space.

Just thoughts. Thoughts on a warm day.