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Women walking together change the world step by step.


WomenWalking is the “get outside to walk” movement of and for women who want to walk with one walking partner. We are dedicated to making walking a fun and simple to do exercise. Enjoying the outdoors with a companion brings good energy to ourselves, our families and our communities.

We are a small company owned and run by women who believe many of life’s challenges and stresses can be reduced, re-framed and re-imagined when women take a walk together. WomenWalking is a for profit, for community, small business that promotes and encourages women feeling happy by the practice of stepping out for a walk and talk. We are dedicated to a world nourished by cohesive communities that are enriched by exercise, communication and health.

It’s easy to to get started. Click the Become a Member link, register, connect with members and meet in person for walks; whether around town or when traveling, it’s an opportunity to broaden your network of women and enjoy a deeper sense of connection with your communities. Taking a trip? Perfect. Log in and catch up with members from other states and ask them to show you around their town.

Walking is relaxing, stress relieving and terrific to do with a friend. We have busy lives; managing home, families, jobs, relationships, education and any daily challenges that may arise. Too often we put aside the importance of our own enjoyment, health and well-being.  But consider this: when you aren’t happy, those around you are affected. You can change that right here, right now.

Take your first step.  Join today.  Meet women who, like yourself, love to walk and talk.
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