Joy. One step. One moment at a time.

Do you ever think about how much time you devote to thinking or worrying about what other people are doing, saying or why they’re doing or saying it?

Where does it get you? Do you ever discover the answer? If so, does the answer bring you joy and a feeling of well-being and connection?

Let me pose a thought for your consideration.

Each time you find yourself wondering why someone did or said something, instead of staying on that train of thought you moved your focus away from them and brought it to yourself. And when you bring your thoughts to your self, you let your thoughts float as you wonder about what it is that brings joy to your heart and tender self.

What if, instead of expending time and energy on other, you spend time and energy on you. You, the only person who has any control over how you live your life and what affects your life. You, the only person who can do anything about what you do or how you feel. You, the divine woman that you are and all you bring into this world.

What if, by noticing how you feel at any given point in time, you begin to see that how you feel directs your life. Do you want to feel good? How can you get to feeling good from thinking about all the wrongs in the world done by others?

What if, by taking a walk outside you are able to shift your thoughts to feeling better, to finding your joy. By taking a walk, the door opens to you and you can take in the moment right where you are. To lose yourself and find yourself in each moment of breath.

Imagine: if in this one moment, each person on earth stopped as you are to take in that one precious moment alive in themselves, what would the world look like?

Pure Joy. One step. One moment at a time.

Rather than pushing back against, resisting, something that feels bad, you instead open your arms to bringing in all that feels joyful, exciting and good.

We invite you to celebrate the joy in you on this 2018 International Women’s Day and Every Day.