“Did it! Meeting with a walking partner for the first time. Exciting, a little nervous, and really enjoyable. Once we started walking, the conversation flowed and the time passed in a blink. What a fantastic way to meet someone new and get exercise!”  Nicole, member

“The truth speaks… I have been a reluctant walker for many years until last year when I started walking with a walking partner (thanks WomenWalking 🙂 which has been great comfort, motivation and fun. Yes, walking works!”
Wendy R., member

“It has been three weeks now. Every day, first thing, I throw on my clothes and get myself out the door to meet up with my walking partner for at least 30-40 minutes. I feel by doing so I have accomplished an important goal and anything else I do during the day is a bonus. Walking partners are motivating for people like me.”
Kama C., member

“WomenWalking Partners ~ Walking ignites passion, passion inspires creativity, creativity shapes confidence, confidence makes all things possible. Join us!”
Joy Regan, Founder, WomenWalking and Walking Partner