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Life is Like a Sunrise

​I found myself mesmerized by the sunrise one particular morning when out for my usual walk. With its unabridged version of transformation and expansion taking place right there in front of me in a seemingly effortless display of colors, textures and layers upon layers of awe-inspiring inventiveness, as if it’s the most natural thing in the world!

Stepping onward, ruminating on the many times I’ve heard myself or someone else say, Did you see the sunrise?” as if it’s a one sentence occurrence, I let my thoughts wander along, keeping company with the sequence of sky changing adventure, a pattern began to take shape to where I could see the exquisite parallel between the unfolding of my life and the blossoming of a sunrise.

It’s this compilation of moments, this huge experience that gets turned into one simple sentence, “The sunrise was so beautiful this morning.” The precious moments of an evolution so exquisite, just get piled together, turning a magnificent experience into a simple phrase that loses its meaning.

Same with us humans. When you break it down, this daily, moment to moment life voyage, a day is often summed up with, “I had a great day.” Or, “I had a crappy day.” Or, “How’s it going?” “Good.” Good? That’s it?! The word good to describe the most delectable, painful, joyful, challenging, delightful experience ever? No, noo. Break it down. Moment. Comfy bed. Moment. Walking with a friend in the predawn light. Moments. Sunrise light show. Moment. Yummy coffee. And on. One day is 86,400 seconds. 86,400 moments to live, really live.

Think about it. “I saw the sunrise this morning” feels a bit lukewarm and insignificant when it comes to the force of nature, over the top, dynamic, IMAX morning experience of the sun making itself known!  Darkness into light, stretching, sculpting, morphing shapes and colors and textures, assembling and redesigning as the sun has its way with the sky. An incomparable light show every day of the world!

Take hold of this opportunity to view your life as if it’s a sunrise. Now I ask you, What are YOU doing tomorrow morning?!