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Moments. Small but Mighty.

One of our community members who is also a friend, was telling me about her recent trip to Italy. When I asked her if there was any one special moment that stood out for her, she didn’t hesitate. She knew exactly what it was.

“My sister and I wanted to get a deeper sense of the town we were visiting, so we decided to go off and explore on foot. Walking around the town, wandering and meandering, we passed by all sorts of fascinating buildings and avenues but there was one restaurant that seemed to be beckoning to us so we listened to the whisper and stopped to look in the windows. As we did so, a woman opened the door and welcomed us inside. We thought maybe we’d each simply get a beverage, Kerry a beer and myself a glass of wine. Everyone was so kind and gracious that the one beer and one wine, turned into a food fest with a sampling of this and a little of that; each dish more delicious than the last. I’m particular about wine, so when the server suggested one variety, I decided to try it. Was I glad I did! I was had on the first sip. Crisp and bold and delicious. My sister and I lingered and lounged and luxuriated in the quiet beauty of the old building, the generosity of the staff and the sumptuous morsels of food. Our experience was divine. All because we decided to be daring and take a walk in a place we were unfamiliar with, but trusted our feet to carry us forward. It’s likely that we would never have seen this place had we been driving. It was walking that offered us space to stop and feel our way into such beautiful, simple moments, moments that I treasure and will carry with me always.”

And so dear reader, as this year of 2019 draws to a close, make walking a priority, a gift to breathe in those special moments that may seem insignificant in their size, yet live within you forever. Carry those moments with you as you step into your next adventures. Take time to let yourself be called by life’s whispers for they are where you will lose yourself and find yourself.

Thank you, dear friend for sharing your story to close 2019 and open 2020. xo