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Our motto is our calling ~

What does this mean exactly?

Simply this.

We believe that no matter what speed you walk, when you walk, how you walk or where you walk, there’s someone out there for you to buddy up with for company and conversation. As a good friend often remarks, “It’s all about community.”

When you feel connected with the community you live in, there is a sense of confidence and completion that comes along with it.

How many times we’ve heard from women: I want to walk but I walk too slowly.  Or, I have hip trouble, no one’s going to want to walk with me.  Or, I’m not a fast walker, I couldn’t keep up. Or, I don’t know anyone to walk with here.

These are some of the very reasons to have a walking partner. The beauty of, and the motivation for, getting out with a walking buddy is to have companionship on your walk with no pressure to keep up.

Small successes are the best successes.

There is hidden message in our culture that we need to walk at a certain speed or for a specific distance or for X amount of times per week in order for it to be beneficial. While we agree it’s good to go the distance at a certain speed, that distance and speed is different for each of us. And even if more distance and faster speed might be healthy options, be kind to yourself. Begin where you are, with what you have. Getting out to walk is the first and most important step.

Why wear yourself out by doing something that is out of your comfort zone? Why go out jogging when getting out for a short walk feels challenging? Start small.

When you decide you are going to try an experiment by getting out to walk with a friend, give yourself the gift of walking only as far as it feels comfortable to you. If this means you only walk up the block and back, you have succeeded. There is no rush to fulfill other people’s criteria about what’s best for you.

We want you to enjoy your time outside – even if it’s only for a few minutes and a few steps. Build on the small successes when you to think to yourself, Wow, I did it and it felt good!

So when tomorrow comes, you will be inspired to go out and walk up the block and back again.

Women walking together change the world step by step. WomenWalking is a small company that believes many of life’s challenges and stresses can be reduced, re-framed and re-imagined when women take a walk together.