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Step by step, Stories Unfold


Our purpose, our mission, our calling, is to get all women outside to walk and talk together.

Step by step, our individual stories unfold to become one song. Walking together becomes a kind of “Retreat of the Heart” that we can experience as we share our stories while being in movement outside. [Read More]

Let Life Surprise You

The other day, I stopped for gas at a station that was very busy and of course I was in a hurry. Plus, I get frustrated even having to stop for gas. When I get inside to pay, there was a big line of people waiting for the one and only cashier. Thoughts buzzing through my head. Do I want to wait? How long will it take? Can I somehow cut this line?

The impatience clearly must have showed on my face as I heaved a huge exasperated sigh. Turning to see how far the line went, my glance falls on a very large, very dark man with gold teeth and Rastafarian hair who’s looking at me and gently asks, “You just getting gas? You can go in front of me.”

Still in my head, I say, “No thank you, I don’t want to cut the line,” barely acknowledging his kindness as I move past him towards the back of the line. While standing waiting, I’m thinking about what an unexpected kind gesture this stranger offered me and I barely gave him the time of day. [Read More]

Wake Up & Walk

The absolute best way to begin your day is by stepping out for a walk with wonderful women

[Read More]


Our motto is our calling ~

What does this mean exactly?

Simply this.

We believe that no matter what speed you walk, when you walk, how you walk or where you walk, there’s someone out there for you to buddy up with for company and conversation. As a good friend often remarks, “It’s all about community.” [Read More]

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