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Today You are You

Walking can be anything we want it to be.      Not much of a walker? Do you ever think you’d like to get outside for a little walk but feel discouraged because you can’t walk too far? It’s one very good reason to have a companion to walk with. Someone who walks at your pace. Even if you walk only to the end of the block, it’s good! Walking together, one to one, is the perfect way to motivate one a ...[Read More]

Spring lights up the path.

Spring is the time to pick up our hearts and listen to one another. Who ever said we have to be alike or think alike to get along? I have no idea. But we don’t!  In fact, contrast and differences make for colorful conversation and deeply significant growth. By walking together, we have an opportunity to “counteract the tendency to ‘otherize,’” the opportunity to have an understanding of where the ...[Read More]

Catch a Falling Leaf and Make a Wish

“When you let yourself be enchanted by the beauty even in the ordinary things, then all things prove to be extraordinary.”   No matter where we walk there’s always something to be noticed. A little tidbit to put in your pocket and carry with you throughout the day; some glimmer of wonder to hold onto that gives pleasure and strength. Simply open the door and slide back the ceiling to reveal t ...[Read More]

The Wonders of Walking

  Maybe the turning point was that morning my husband spit in my face. Or perhaps it’s simply who I am in this lifetime, but in either case, walking is in my soul and it’s how I work stuff out. Walking is a spiritual experience, one that we humans pass by daily. We walk everywhere, even those of us who can’t physically walk. In the car, out of the car. Into the bathroom, out of th ...[Read More]

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