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In Honor and Memory of Kevin J Regan
A Prince Among Men
December 15, 2014

Women walking together bridge our communities step by step.

Joy H Regan

The idea of WomenWalking began as a seed; taking root to blossom and shape my life, as a trusted mentor, a friend and a role model for who I am becoming. As a single mom, my high school age kids and I moved to a town in Connecticut where we didn’t know anyone. Working full time and parenting my kids, I was eager for some peer companionship. I realized I was lonely and needed more for myself. So, what’s a shy girl to do? Throw open the door and take a walk!

Having been a mediator – an incredible process where people receive neutral support (the mediator) to resolve a disagreement, and where they decide their own outcome – I was witness to that miracle of moment when two people who are angry at each other “get” what the other is saying. It’s life changing.

While out walking alone, I would see women walking in pairs, talking and having fun. All at once, I knew that walking side by side comes naturally to women. We walk and talk, or walk and not talk, or walk and listen or simply keep each other company. I wanted someone to walk with as a way to make a deeper connection with my community.

Walking side by side is non-confrontational, and creates a space for listening to what the other is saying, easy and spontaneous. Like the mediation process, it’s the perfect opportunity to “get” what the other is saying. Our similarities get unearthed while in movement outdoors, and our differences seem suddenly manageable. Experiencing walks together can truly shape us as partners in community!