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Resources:  From park locations to books!

WomenWalking celebrates and supports women in business, small businesses and protectors of earth & wildlife. We value reciprocity and collaboration. Please contact us to connect and share.


Parks, Trails & Outdoor Recreation – Cool and interesting links – National park service – National outdoor recreation, lodging recommendations and more – State parks in all 50 states – Washington Trails Association. Washington State. Lots of good stuff here. – Adding excitement and a bit of technology to your walking

Conservation & Ecology – The Student Conservation Association (SCA) is a nonprofit organization that offers conservation internships and summer trail crew opportunities to more than 3,000 people each year. — Earthjustice works through the courts on behalf of citizen groups, scientists, and other parties to ensure government agencies and private interests follow the law. – The intention by The National Forest Service is to inspire parents and kids to reconnect with nature. – Planetwalk is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to raising environmental consciousness and promoting earth stewardship. Saving the planet one step at a time.

Why Talking (and listening) is Essential

The Walk from No to Yes William Ury – Mediator – Totally inspirational video! Well worth your time and a perfect confirmation of why walking partners!

Apparel – Terrific athletic & clothing store in downtown Petaluma. Their passion is to make sure the “shoe fits!”

Newspapers & Journals

Sonoma County Gazette: written by readers – A local Sonoma County institution that generously supports its residents by publishing a wide variety of articles free of charge. It’s well worth picking up for the eclectic views.

Travel Tips – tips for travel with dogs ie., places to walk, stay etc

Women Creating Positive Changes –  Ulrika Brattemark created “Soul Sisters for Good” out of a desire to gather with women for soulful exploration and meaningful connection, while contributing to a need in the world. What was initially a yearly event to create care-packages to women who experience homelessness has now turned into an on-going project. Ulrika sews totes from gorgeous upholstery remnants, sells the totes under the label “One for Me – One for Her”, and the proceeds are used to fill a similar bag with essentials for a woman in need.

Art – “The creative process of art making serves several profound purposes for me. It’s an open-eyed meditation, a playground for the inner child of my psyche: a time and place for ultimate freedom and imagination to come alive.” Dorothy Riggs

Technical Assistance – Need web design or technical support? Look no further. This is the guy! Webmaster, Mike. What would we do without you? You are da best. Thanks, Mike…



Books reside in a parallel universe with women and walking. They are enriching companions just as is a woman walking partner.
The listed books have a central connection to walking, women or heart. Our world is rich with fascinating and varied viewpoints. Each story blends life and/or walking adventures. Best wishes for a positive and vicarious experience as you dive into each story.
Please share the stories you love.
Happy Reading!

Tracks by Robyn Davidson

A Woman’s Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Kabul Beauty School by Deborah Rodriguez

“..I felt the same warm, welcoming atmosphere that I’d spent most of my life in. There were women’s voices, women’s laughter–and that feeling of women relaxing with one another, laying hands on one another, telling one another the details of their lives and news of the lives around them.”

Deb Rodriguez arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan in the spring of 2002 with high hopes of being helpful in the country, but found herself surrounded by doctors, nurses, engineers, agricultural specialists, midwives, dentists wondering what possible assistance a hairdresser could lend in comparison with these professionals. That is until she got roaring applause from the crowd of people who were desparate for a good haircut! From there, she went on to start the Kabul Beauty School with the intention to help Afghan women learn a trade and learn self-worth and confidence.

Although this is not a book about walking, it is a book about women. Women meeting, connecting and at times forming a solidarity even when odds were against it.

Granny D: Walking Across America in My 90th Year by Doris Haddock (with Dennis Burke)

“The snow became spotty as I got closer to Washington. Finally, I was walking again, but I stayed on the towpath most of the way because I had fallen in love with the deep nature of the place. It was so like the treks of my early life with Jim and the children. What a joyful place and time to think of my whole life! It spread before my thoughts. All my mistakes and shortcomings and worries seemed fine now. My children had turned out brilliantly and more important, full of humanity and creativity. My husband had enjoyed a good and fulfilled life and was cared for well in his final years. I had come to look to my own beliefs and passions and had done something about them while there was yet time. In this I had discovered what so many already know: that the art of your passion, embraced fully, redeems you from all the sins and shortcomings of a life.”

This is one amazing woman! Starting off when she was 89 in December 1998, she did a fourteen month walk from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. She walked about 10 miles per day in all kinds of weather and met many generous and interested people along the way. Doris Haddock, who became known as Granny D, is an inspiration in countless ways. A really enjoyable read…

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

“I still quite often go for walks on the trail near my home, especially if I am stuck on something I am working on. Most of the time I am sunk in thought, but at some point on each walk there comes a moment when I look up and notice, with a kind of first-time astonsishment, the amazing complex delicacy of the woods, the casual ease with which elemental things come together to form a composition that i -whatever the season, wherever I put my besotted gaze- perfect.”

Bill Bryson admittedly didn’t walk the entire 2,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail, but in the words of his walking companion, Katz, “I hiked it in the snow and heat. I hiked it in the South and the North. I hiked it till my feet bled. We hiked the Appalachian Trail.” A captivating journey replete with history of the Trail, anecdotes funny and sad and a companionship between two not-so-in shape guys willing to push their limits to have an adventure.

Planetwalker by John Francis, Ph.D.

“It is in this wilderness that I feel the elemental truth of walking, something important and vital not only to me but to all life, to human growth, even as we reach out toward the stars.” John Francis

John Francis shares with us his story of traveling the United States on foot and in silence, and along the way, discovering nature, human beings and himself. It is at once provocative and tender; a tale of the heart – both of his and the many, many people he meets on his journey. This book shows what a spiritual encounter walking can be. Beautiful Land; Beautiful People. Thank you, John Francis.

The Places in Between by Rory Stewart

“I’m not good at explaining why I walked across Afghanistan….It was the beginning of 2002. I had just spent sixteen months walking twenty to twenty-five miles a day across Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. I had wanted to walk every step of the way and I had intended to cross Afghanistan a year earlier.” Rory Stewart 2004

An amazing story that takes place in a land that is so different from our own (the USA). Told with gentleness and respect, this man’s journey unveils a place beyond imagination. Seen from the slowed perspective of walking, there is much to learn about landscapes and a people. This book is worth the read.

Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words (Compiled by some of her friends.)

“We begin to prepare for the work that we have to do and customarily we have no idea what we are preparing for.” Peace Pilgrim

This woman stopped counting after walking 25,000 miles back and forth across the US. Although this book is less about walking and more about her message of peace, it is her walking that wove connection with the many people who grew to know her, offer her shelter and food, touched by her joyful presence.