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Spring is Here. Discover It On a Walk with a Friend.

Each day we humans rise in the morning to what can feel like a deluge of thoughts and experiences from others. Whether it’s our family, the news, the people on the road as we drive out into the world, busy co-workers, social media, school, television shows, books we read. We spend a huge portion of our day wondering what and how others are doing and often thinking about why they’re doing it.

What about the me in you? Where are you in all that other?

Walking outdoors slows down all the crazy nervous stressful energy. Walking brings you to pace with the whole wide world, bringing the you into focus, bridging the connection with self, others and community.

“Studies have shown the health benefits of nature range from more rapid healing to stress reduction to improved mental performance and vitality. We’ve found nature brings out more social feeling, more value for community and close relationships.” –Richard Ryan, University of Sheffield, UK

When you take a walk outside, what others are doing, thinking, feeling or saying, drops away. It all fades into the background and the delightful You comes into focus.

No matter where or how far you walk. Take a moment to stop and allow yourself to be entranced by the small things.

It could be as tiny as a bug waddling across the sidewalk or as cool as a hawk treading water in mid-air, intent on its next meal. Or walking past a gopher hole just as the little critter scampers back into its home, hiding away from you.

As you peek down inside the hole and your eyes adjust to the darkness, you’ll suddenly notice there is a pair of eyes looking back at you, waiting, watching, wondering, just like you.

At that very moment, you’ve forgotten all about the driver that cut you off or that hurtful thing a friend said to you or whatever it was that you heard on the news that day. You are alive in that very place because nature has connected with your spirit. You begin remembering what you’ve long ago forgotten. Nature is your roots.

Stop. Plant your feet on the earth. Stand quiet. Listen. Now close your eyes. Listen some more. Breathe In. Out. Long, soft breath. Feel the energy soaring all around – above, beneath, within you. Experience the solid, consistent earth beneath your feet, connecting you.

Spring bubbling, blustery & bursting everywhere. Take a walk. Bring a friend with you. We have walking partners! Reach out to a WomenWalking member. It’s why we’re here – community connection step by step.
Simply put on your shoes, throw open the door and go.