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Staying True to Your Intentions

How do you stay true to your intentions, your vision and your feminine self, as you navigate your path, build genuine partnership and create balance within the world of life and work?

Walking and nature will support you in unearthing and igniting a deeper sense of passion, clarity and connection with who you are in the world.

Walking is a guide to re-imagining your path while uniting with self, nature, joy and the other women in your life and those who accompany you on walks. Immersing into the collective wisdom of women, you can explore a bigger version of the extraordinary you.

When you share a walk together, claim thoughtful conversation and listening, movement and exploration and soften yourself into being alighted by the joy and inspiration that finds you when you beckon alignment into your life.

Walking one to one or as a part of one of our group walks are both excellent ways to investigate the possibility of a bigger, brighter life, a bigger, brighter you.

We invite you in this year of 2019, to connect on a deeper level to the uncomplicated you, connect with your passion and your vision and observe how the collective wisdom and support of women while being outside, strengthens your joy.