Step by step, Stories Unfold


Our purpose, our mission, our calling, is to get all women outside to walk and talk together.

Step by step, our individual stories unfold to become one song. Walking together becomes a kind of “Retreat of the Heart” that we can experience as we share our stories while being in movement outside.

Women who walk together are fluent, earthy, relational, intuitive, exhilarating. This simple act nurtures conversation and bridges cultural boundaries. Individual actions connect to enrich our collective experiences and in the process, shift global perspective. One ripple moves around the world. Do you feel it?

Celebrate differences and discover what you share in common with other women when you walk one to one, side by side. It doesn’t matter where or when. It doesn’t matter if it’s around the block or for miles on a trail. Exploring the path with a walking partner brings forth the positive energy that begins from deep within and moves outward to our families, friends, communities, the world.

Intimacy of conversation combined with nature’s support deepens our sense of connection with all life.  As sisters on a journey, women come to drink deeply from this spring, reclaiming our path on this earth. Stretch and relax, bring home a renewed sense of calm, joy and confidence when you take a walk with a woman walking partner.