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The Dragonfly in You

No matter where we walk there’s always something to be noticed. A little tidbit to put in your pocket and carry with you throughout the day; some glimmer of wonder to hold onto that gives pleasure and strength. Simply open the door and slide back the ceiling to reveal the magic of the outdoors. Out there goes on forever.

The walking outside experience can feel different each time depending on where, how and with whom we are walking. It’s good to get off the paths or sidewalks and take a detour; explore. A walk up that humongous hill with a stop to breathe (in my case, pant!) turns it into an event with a reward at the end. I did it. You did it. We did it!

At pace with the world brings into focus earths continual transition; a revolving ebb and flow of growth, change, birth and death. The transition of a dandelion is one of beauty. Beginning as a little green sprout, shooting up through the ground as stem and leaves, suddenly there appears the pod that bursts forth into a familiar, brilliant yellow flower. Time passes. The next time we pass by, there’s an amazing globe of white stars just tempting us to pick it so we are witness to the wind carrying its seeds back to earth, setting in motion the process which will begin again next spring.

Sometimes it’s just right to walk alone. But there are those other times, you know the ones. The times when it would be comforting to have someone to keep company with- to talk about whatever comes up. Trivial things; deeply important things. Sometimes just to listen and give support. Companionship…comfort.

How often the thought arises, “I wish I had someone to take a walk with.” Feelings of isolation show up at the oddest times. At the supermarket. On a subway train at rush hour. At home in the kitchen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to turn to and share a moment without feeling like an intruder?

WomenWalking was born from the desire to have companionship on walks accompanied by rich, meaningful conversation. It was born out of the need to be part of community, to meet women and share our stories; to break through those awkward barriers that can be so restrictive, and just talk. Talk and walk.

Our mission is to bridge barriers and create community no matter where come from or where we live. Travel to a town a thousand miles from home and find a woman member to walk and talk with simply by logging onto the site and searching members. Local is wherever you are.

Dragonfly, the symbol on our logo, symbolizes change; change in perspective, self-realization, place. It carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability and is connected to lightness and joy; a small reminder to bring more joy in your life. As the autumn transitions into winter, remember the dragonfly part of your story as you dive deep into self during these winter months.