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The Extraordinary Within the Ordinary

Walking can be a joyful experience; bubbles of extraordinary contained within the ordinary of everyday walks. When was the last time you took pause to notice one of those small moments that brings such richness to life?

Shoes on, door open, slide back the ceiling to reveal the magic of the outdoors.

Even if only for a walk around your neighborhood. Nature is alive and perfect company. Birds are busy, flitting here, chirping there (have you ever witnessed two tiny birds chasing and screaming at a hawk?). What about the riotous colors, shapes and fragrances of plants and flowers (yes, we can dream of spring). Or the first snowfall that is so quiet, gentle and soft.

If you were inside exercising or on a treadmill, you might be thinking, “When am I going to be done? I’m so bored.” But if you were out for a walk, you’d be deep into the weave of it, living and breathing that fragment of day; caught up in that indescribably delicious space between sunset and dark.

The action of walking is different for each of us. A woman in a wheelchair came alive as she excitedly told about meeting a woman friend for a “walk” uptown. “We strolled around the town looking in shop windows, talking to people, having a bite to eat at a restaurant. It was just lovely.”

The woman was thrilled to be “strolling” around with a companion to spend the day. She expressed her joy in the simplicity of getting out and sharing the outdoors, being part of community, feeling the air on her face, doing something she wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Have you ever stopped to watch the flock of geese honk their way onto a nearby pasture, each jockeying for position to land? Honk, honk, settle, settle.

Can you imagine seeing a little peeper perched on a fence or a baby rabbit hiding in the bush next to the path or the hawk treading water in the air intent on its pray or the tender blades of grass drenched with morning dew, stretching over towards the earth, waiting to be munched by a cow?

Walking with a friend is a wonderful way to share the thrill of the outdoors. You get to walk up that tortuously steep hill without even noticing (well, hardly noticing!) because you’re deep in conversation.

Stepping outside in the company of women is a fine way to begin your day or end your day. Do something good for yourself today; dance in the bubbles of extraordinary moments with a friend or by yourself.