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The Love Of Walking

Here’s the one thing I love more than anything else about walking. I always feel right and centered when I start stretching my legs and swinging my arms, moving into the rhythm of the walk – whether hiking, meandering, breaking a sweat or simply walking fast. I feel enlivened and in sync, not just because it feels good to shake a leg (or a tailfeather) but, also because I feel proud of myself for throwing back the covers, chasing away the sleep, groaning out of a comfy bed and going for it when I sort of didn’t want to.

And, there’s more…I feel terrific afterwards. Not only during and right after my walk, but the euphoria lingers and follows me throughout the day, keeping me company as a reminder for next time I hesitate.

When you take your first steps out, stop, look around at your surroundings, look up at the sky. Smell the air. Breathe in with your senses. See the trees. The color of the sky. Are the stars shimmering or the sun shining bright? Is the wind whispering or are the trees standing silent as sentries, watchful – protecting.

Take a walk. Call a friend to join you. Get in touch with another member. We’re here. Enjoy!