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The Shapes, Sounds and Colors of our Conversations

What shape, sound or color does a conversation feel like? Is it bold and brassy or intimate and whispery? Does it feel hot like the sun or frigid as ice? Does conversation draw you in like a magnet leaving you wanting more or does it feel so scary that you want to run as far and fast as possible? Is it the size of the moon or as small as a dandelion?

The conversation that can be experienced with some when walking outdoors for could be all of the above, but the likely hood of it being a positive powerful experience is profoundly possible. Why? Because the movement of walking incites the flow of energy and thoughts. It delivers vitality to a space and place for thinking. When life force and emotions get to connect with the wonderful world of the outdoors, spurred on by the blood and muscle that’s thrilled to be moving and shaking, the content of your talk will invariably be spontaneous, powerful and real.

Give yourself the freedom to walk where you want and for how long it feels comfortable to you. Tune out any voice that says you should do this or that. Any walking is inspired walking. It doesn’t matter how far you walk. Give yourself the permission to step out if only for 5 minutes. Remind yourself that what you are doing is with the intention to feel good and this is only the beginning.

Just wait until you discover the moments that nature pokes through to you from anywhere. A flower bursting through a crack in the sidewalk, a bird swooping down right across your path, a kitty meowing out from under a car. It’s an endless surprise of possibilities to recognize and share in conversation.

When women walk together in two’s or as a group, conversation becomes the shape of each woman’s thoughts. Like a pin ball machine, each thought pinging back and forth. One person talks, the others listen, taking turns voicing ideas and perspectives. Unlike the pin ball machine, your ideas don’t end in the pocket, they move and morph into varying shapes and sizes and colors. This way it feels good, this way let’s toss it, it doesn’t quite work. Ideas become a deeper conversation and stay with each woman to add perspective, opening doors that add dimension to each others thoughts and views.

Envision a circle of women who we freely share the texture and color of our stories as we become a broader community of walking together.