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The Thing About Walking

Walking can get a bad rep. There seems to be this idea floating around that walking is just a means to an end; a way to get from point a to point b.  Well, of course it is, but in this hurried life, it might not feel fast enough because we want to get there – now. So, we end up hurrying from here to there, missing everything in between with the takeaway that walking is inconvenient because it’s just too slow.

Enter the real walking. The thing about. Walking. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with yourself, connect with others, connect with nature. To get your muscles moving and your heart pumping.

When you step out for a walk with no end game, life feels different. No rush of time, no place to “get” to. You can be as slow (or as fast) as you want. It’s wonderful to take it easy and be open to moments that show up along the path. The world looks different.

Sharing the walk with another woman offers you companionship, motivation, support, accountability, conversation, connection, exploration, expanding your network of community and feeling good. Sharing the outdoors with a local woman is a wonderful opportunity to walk, to talk, to see the world from a different view, to share company, to stop and notice surroundings, the small moments that we otherwise rush by and miss completely even if it’s right at your feet.

Say Yes to feeling good. Say Yes to changing your life. Say Yes to aligning with yourself and the joy that lives inside you. Say Yes to the real thing about walking. It will change your life.