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The Thing About Walking

A while back, we had a blog post that used the term, “I lose myself and find myself,” relating to the experience of being outside for a walk.  The other day, listening to Garnette Cadogan, author and walker, speak about walking, I heard him say, “I lose myself and find myself.” Screeching to a halt, “Wait, What??? Really?” Could it be that this man totally relates to walking the way I do? I wanted to know more. The race was on to try to find a way to write to him and talk to him about it.

Here’s the thing about walking: most of us walk, many of us walk and run for exercise, but how many of you out there really get deep into the heart of walking; that profound space.Admittedly, I’m not a world traveler (although I want to be just for the reason to talk about walking), but what if more people thought about walking as a place to lose themselves and find themselves?What if more people experienced and thought about this feeling of connection – with self and the bigger world? Would we be creating and shaping a different sort of world; world rich with exciting possibilities and a lot less judgement.

Go anywhere and take a walk. As you step onto the path with all that static in your brain, you are pretty much guaranteed that somewhere along the way, you will stop to discover that you have slipped effortlessly, seamlessly, sweetly, from mind frenzy into nature dimension. The static will have taken a break on that bench you passed and your body will be relaxed as it floats along and your heart will be singing a song.

Here’s the thing about walking side by side with another woman:

All of the above plus having a counter-part to the experience, a partner to share and talk about it with. There’s something graceful that happens when women walk side by side together. Confidence. Energy lift. Uncomplicated. Natural.

There’s that ease of familiarity that comes with meeting someone you feel symbiotic with – whether or not you know her of even like her. There’s a kinship there. It’s an automatic heads up to reach for commonality. The discovery of similarities and willingness to find common ground.

How can we change the way we perceive women and men? How can we make them partners rather than adversaries?

What if: we as women stand inside our skin from a place of grace, a place of joy, a place of confidence, how would this shape your world? Would we perceive others, not as adversaries, but rather as fellow participants on this planet.

I invite you to open the door, step out for a walk and find yourself. You. The wide guide. The solid, strong feminine self.