WomenWalking Vision


We Are A Welcoming Community
WomenWalking is an organization that welcomes all women. We celebrate diversity and encourage women from all walks of life to join our community.

We Walk For Connection
WomenWalking members walk to strengthen and build connection within self, our walking partners and community by using the ancient act of walking together as inspiration and joy of movement in the outdoors.

We Walk With Confidence
WomenWalking members choose walks that are accessible, safe and appropriate for both partners or the group.

We Walk With Nature
WomenWalking members hold the intention that nature is within reach of every footstep, from the highest of trails to the busiest of city streets and as we walk, we offer the space our best self.

We Walk With Respect
WomenWalking members engage each walk, each path, and each walking partner with reverence. We listen with open hearts and respect confidentiality. We leave no trace while honoring each organization who cares for and maintains the many trails and paths that we are gifted with traveling upon.

We Engage With Self-Care
We wear good walking shoes, we hydrate often, we recite poetry, laugh often and gaze at the stars.

We Are A Growing Community
WomenWalking members are committed to personal and organizational growth. We engage in growing WomenWalking by sharing our success with our communities, and approach our challenges as opportunities for growth. If we see a gap that needs filling, we believe we might be the ones to fill it. We honor our growing pains and celebrate our victories!