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Walking with a Friend can make a Positive Difference in Your Life

If it wasn’t for my walking buddy, I really don’t think I would get myself outside for walks. She is my support, my accountability and my encouragement. Having a friend to walk with 1-2 times a week has changed my life for the best.” Cheryl, WomenWalking member

Having someone to walk with can make all the difference in your life. It’s not just having someone to talk to, but having a companionship to stretch your boundaries and explore a little.

It may sound weird, but sometimes the thought of going out into the open space, even around your neighborhood, can feel scary; it can feel vulnerable. If you know you will be with someone, the whole idea of being exposed drifts away.

You are more willing to go and explore places you wouldn’t go by yourself. Just think of all the places you’d like to go and see but the very idea of going alone, stops you in your tracks. It ain’t gonna happen.

There’s something about the rhythm of walking that seems to seep into your very being, inspiring you to be aligned with the world around you. Walking is the pace of the earth. You can notice all the things that are unseen when you move in any way faster than a walk.

Everyday things you probably don’t even think about. That weird crawly bug making its way across the path. It’s so little and the path is so big. What is that like? The bird chatter that goes on every day whether or not you are there to hear it. Did you know that birds have neighborhoods; areas in which they live unless they are migratory birds in which case they’re on the move. But still, they follow a route. Birds can travel thousands of miles with no compass.

Squirrels, chipmunks, gophers, snakes, turtles, lizards. All animals that are your neighbors. You may not see them but they are there. Where would we be without their company?

Want to get outside but don’t want to walk alone? Get yourself a walking partner and pace yourself with the earth. Small moments and discoveries will inspire your day in an exciting sort of way.

Thanks for writing to us, Cheryl!