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The Real Reasons You Need a Walking Partner

Why Walking Partners?

A walking partner is a friendly companion who makes walking a pleasurable and easy way to get a bit of exercise. She is someone you can talk to and keeps you company while sharing time outside.

Laughter and fun are easy companions that support our walking routine. Walking with a friend can actually change the way you think about getting exercise and how you experience this amazing aerobic activity.

When your focus is more on the conversation than on what you’re doing, that hill you are walking up is barely noticeable. Before you know it, you’re at the top sharing the view!

Meeting up for a scheduled walk with a companion is like keeping that appointment on your calendar. You show up because you said you would and you know it’s good for you. You don’t want to let them down. The commitment is as much for ourselves as it is for the other person. Go ahead. You’ll be glad you did.

Walking is a natural gathering place for women. Women stepping outside together reminds us of the importance of our connection with self, each other and community. Companionship encourages shared ideas, thoughts and experiences. Exercising is connection with community. Side by side. There is enough room for all diverse thoughts and experiences.

A walking partner is someone who lives in a town you visit for work or vacation and helps you to engage in this new community by keeping you company and showing you around.

Just think. You are traveling for work or vacation and want to get out to walk but don’t know the areas. Rather than being confined to “mall walking,” you can netwalk (network)! Learn the area. Your partner knows somebody and you know somebody and the circle of inclusion expands. We are not alone.

A walking partner inspires you to get going, put on your shoes, throw open the door and step into the outdoors even when you don’t feel like going. She is someone who lives in your town or nearby and helps make connection to community the real deal.

Getting outside to stretch your legs and have a real conversation is terrific. If it’s just you, think about it, you can talk yourself out of going out to walk. If you have a partner that you’ve given your word to, you’re going! And you know what? Once you go, you’ll be glad you did. You pushed through the “burn” and got to know some great women.
You want to ease into an exercise routine to lose weight or get fit and want a partner with whom to share your experiences; someone who understands how it is for you.

We help and support each other by being there to walk. There’s always a take away. A tidbit that we carry home with us, beckoning to the next walk. Each time is different. Each time an exploration. Each time a new experience.

Walking is relaxing, stress relieving and great to do with a friend. It may be that you just moved to a new town and want to feel more at home. Maybe it’s as simple as the fact that you want company. Maybe getting outside for a walk with someone to talk to is the take away perfect for this moment.

Your walking partner’s schedule changes. Our lives can be hectic and variable. You want company to walk with rather than walking by yourself (There’s something special about walking with someone). And you’ll be glad to know, there does exist such a thing as a “Good Fit” when it comes to walking partners! Here’s how you do it.

At WomenWalking, it begins with the small but important details of our profile. By fleshing out walking preferences there begins the reciprocal conversation where members start getting to know one another. In viewing member profiles, you can determine where, when and how they like to walk. This means that before reaching out, you know their schedule preference, if you are a compatible fitness level and when (time of day) they like to walk. You are getting to know another person before you meet.

Walking with a partner is an ongoing process. Each time is a new and different experience. Season’s change. The cycle continues.

Do you have a different reason to walk with a walking partner? We want to know!