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What If???

What if…Instead of filling in the quiet with busyness, I settled into myself and felt the depth of the silence?

What if…Rather than picking up my phone to see what others are doing, I picked up a journal and waited until the words flowed from my heart and down my arm, filling the page?

What if…I slipped on my shoes in the morning softness and slowly roamed my neighborhood, discovering my connection within the birdsong, swirling and dancing on the wind?

What if…Becoming friends with the fertile ground of solitude, freed me from my fear and allowed me to soar in pure joy?

We invite you to step out for a walk. Let yourself go without a goal or schedule. Be patient. Let the moments unfold. Ssshh, listen. Put your face to the sky, close your eyes, feel your place in the world. Now, carry those delicious moments with you everywhere you go. Remember them when you need reassurance.

What if…you allowed yourself joy in the moment?