The Benefits of Referring

Why you want to Refer women you know:

Three simple reasons.

  1. It’s easy.
  2. It’s an effortless way for you to earn income.
  3. More women, more walking partners!

….And, did we mention, it’s easy?!

Yup, we make it real simple and fun for you to Invite Your Friends to become members and earn income for your referrals.

Join our Referral program in minutes. Sign up, start Inviting Friends and poof! You’re earning extra income.

The WomenWalking Referral Program uses the Affiliate Royale plugin for WordPress to reliably track commissions.

What kind of commission am I eligible for?

Here’s the down low. 

  • For one (1) month ($5.00) membership, you receive a 40% commission.

You Get:

  • Generous commission
  • Rapid monthly payments (paid at the first of each month via PayPal)
  • Pro-active member experience
  • It’s free to refer your friends

You’ll be promoting the best, growing community place for women walkers.

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