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Women Who Walk Together, Inspire Intelligent and Emotional Optimism

“I have a dream, a vision, a belief. I am a woman just like you. Well, maybe, not just like you, but like you; kindred.”

Within each of us are rich, complex and timeless stories, hungering to be set free; to be voiced; to be heard. You’ve had harder times than me. I’ve had harder times than you. But in the end, we’re still women. We have in common dreams, fears, emotions, pain, tradition, differences, music, struggles, achievements, creativity and passionate hearts.

I dream of a world where women’s shared stories join to become one thread woven throughout cultures and differences, strong enough to rejuvenate our world.  I envision these stories as our core essence.  I believe that women walking together, telling our stories, is at the heart of our collective healing.

Walking and connecting with women is a privilege and a gift. There is something at once familiar and comfortable about being in the company of women – even if we don’t agree.

Walking outside, in conversation, sows the seeds for collaboration and meaningful interactions. Put on shoes, throw open the door, step out to meet your friend, waiting to walk with you.

Walking is relaxing and stress relieving. Turmoil blows away with the wind. Tensions dissipate. Mind clears. Pace, slows to the beat of the earth.

If I were to choose the one thing I like best about walking – if I absolutely had to make a choice because in truth I like everything about walking – it would be that I always, without exception, feel good and glad I went out for a walk. I feel right and centered as I stretch my legs and swing my arms, moving into the rhythm of the walk. I lose myself and find myself in the small miracles that present themselves so effortlessly.

Women intuitively “get” our interconnection with all beings; feet on the ground, level with the earth, the experience becomes deeply immediate.

Walking with a female companion communicates a feeling of reconnection and security, as intimate conversation develops and the sense of being accepted, valued, and appreciated, takes root.

 Walking activates passion, passion sparks creativity, creativity ignites confidence and confidence inspires all things possible.

“Walking is one of the simplest, least expensive, and most effective things you can do for your health. It strengthens bones, tunes up the cardiovascular system, and, psychologically, can clear a cluttered mind. …strong interpersonal relationships and support networks reduce the risk of many problems, ranging from the common cold and depression to heart attacks and strokes.” (Harvard Medical School Health)

Women walking together are: fluent, earthy, relational, intuitive, exhilarating. Women walking together, shape the roundtable where extraordinary moments take place, seamlessly unraveling preconceived notions while building an openhearted framework for the health and well-being of our planet.

Women who walk together, inspire intelligent and emotional optimism and strengthen the fabric of communities by scattering wide the divine, joyous moments derived from each and every step together.

Walking outdoors offers an unconstrained freedom to express our truer selves.  Nature embodies presence and the incomparable now while facilitating a judgment-free backdrop of support that heightens intuition and opens receptivity, emboldening women to gather across divides, take risks and find our strengths.

A woman empowered and the family prospers; the family prospers and the village is fortified; the village fortified, the woman empowered and the circle is complete.